Transit is Essential

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Transit is Freedom!

Public transit keeps our community rolling.

This November, vote YES on your county’s public transportation millage to maintain and expand public transit service in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties.

Costing the average homeowner less than $10 a month, the proposal will maintain the mobility services SMART provides in Macomb and Wayne County and expand transit services across all of Oakland County.

Transit benefits all of us – even if we don’t ride it ourselves! Transit:

  • Enables students to get to their choices of schools
  • Ensures seniors aren’t stranded in their own homes when they can no longer drive
  • Connects workers to jobs, even those who can’t drive or whose car breaks down.
  • Provides affordable alternatives to volatile gas prices and high car and insurance costs, potentially saving families thousands of dollars.

Thousands of people depend on transit throughout the tri-county area every day! Learn more about our region’s transit agencies in the menu at right.